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First of all thank you very much for checking out my blog, it is extremely appreciated and means a lot!

Hi folks, my names Caitlin Campbell and this is my site. What is this site? It's a hockey blog to end your search for a hockey blog.
Background InformationCaitlin has spent her whole life around hockey rinks. From the time she started skating to the time she picked up her first stick she fell in love. She played 12.5 years of competitive hockey and received a scholarship to play in the US. Her career was cut short as a result of concussions. When she hung up her skates she picked up a pen and turned her love for the game into a love of writing about the game. She has been writing for roughly 1 year, is finishing up grade 12 and is looking at pursing a degree in English or Journalism.
Sites I've written for:

  • I worked with The Hockey Writers writing about the Buffalo Sabres.
  • Wrote for Rant Sports writing about the Buffalo Sabres
  • Currently write for Chat Sports covering the Buffalo Sabres and general NHL topics
  • Wrote for Sabres Hockey Central where I mainly cover Sabres games
  • Guest writer for Get Real Hockey where they feature my articles
  • SabreNoise writing for the Buffalo Sabres
  • Write for ZenDixie a personal blog

My team is the Buffalo Sabres but living in Toronto, I am bombarded by Leafs news. Follow me on twitter @HockeyLife30 and I'll try not to let my bias sneak into the conversation.
Hockey is my passion and I will never stop talking/writing about the wonderful game.
Thank you so much for checking out my Site!