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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two games for Tootoo

This is just a quick update, not a full out blog, a full blog will be out tomorrow! So for all my Sabres fans that were watching the game on Saturday and were outraged by Nashville's Jordin Tootoo running over Ryan Miller, I have good news! Brendan Shanahan suspended Tootoo for two games this morning.

I'll post the video so you guys can see what happened;
As you can see, Miller was run into by Tootoo at full speed, Tootoo made no attempt to avoid hitting Miller, and even left his feet to hit Miller. "I obviously did my best to jump out of (Miller's) way," Tootoo told The (Nashville) Tennessean. "When you're going that fast and you get a little nudge (from Christian Ehrhoff) from your back right on your hips, in that split second it changes a lot of momentum. I tried to leap out of the way. If I wanted to bury (Miller), my feet would be planted and I would be in a hockey stance. But Shanahan didn't by Tootoo's excuse, this time and banned him from 2 NHL games. Now 2 games may not seem like much to Sabres fans, but I think it's a step in the right direction, it was more of a statement then a punishment for Tootoo. After the situation that unfolded between Miller and Milan Lucic, Sabres coach Lindy Ruff stated that it was now "open season" on the goalies, but Shanahan insisted it wasn't, which is why he ultimately had to suspend Jordin Tootoo, to prove that it wasn't open season. "The goaltender must feel protected in his crease," Shanahan said.

Now I am in no way defending what Tootoo did, as it was a dirty play and he fully deserved the 2 games if not a couple more for his running of Miller. There needs to be a precedent that goalies are not and never should be open season for hits. During Tootoo's 2 game suspension, will cost him $13,513.52. For Tootoo him running Miller, was bad timing, it is a topic of discussion right now, and it was Miller's first game back, from suffering a concussion form a dirty hit by Milan Lucic. So Tootoo's timing was not the best on this play. During the game Tootoo, was given a 5 minute major for charging and a game misconduct.

I'm happy that Tootoo was suspended, I believe this was the right call, and needed to be done, so player's realize that they can't just hit a goalie. I was also quite impressed with the beating Miller Laid on Tootoo, good on Miller to stand up for himself!
So as I stated earlier, this is not a full blown blog post, their will be a full blog tomorrow, about the realignment of the NHL.

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