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Friday, 27 April 2012

Interview with Mike Eruzione

So how many of you have seen the movie "Miracle on Ice"?

Probably the majority of you, today I got a great treat for you guys I had the pleasure of having an interview with the captain of that 1980 United States Winter Olympic team Mike Eruzione!

Eruzione was drafted 28th overall by the New England Whalers in 1974. He played twice with the United States Olympic team, and scored the game winning goal against the Soviets and helped the US win the gold medal against Finland!  

Without further a due here's the email with Mike Eruzione:

1) Who did you look up to when you were younger? 

My parents

2) What is the greatest memory you've had as a hockey player? 

Beating Finland to win the Gold

3) If you could meet any NHL player in the league (past and preasent), who would it be?

 I’ve met most of the great ones so maybe Glenn Hall

4)  What was your favorite NHL team growing up? 

Chicago black hawks

5) What are your interests outside of hockey?

 Golf and more golf

6) How did it feel to be the captian of Team USA in the Olympics? 

It was a great honor but I also had a team of captains

7) What were your emotions when you beat the Soviets and moved on to beat Finland for the Gold medal? 

Excited and proud we worked hard to get to where we our emotions were pretty high

8) What made you decide to stand up against legendary coach Herb Brooks after the tie against Norwegian National Team in the scrimage when he was drilling you guys with endless "Herbies"? Also how did it feel when you did that? 

Don’t believe everything you watched in the movie, it was a team stand..

9) Do you ever think there will be another "Miracle on Ice?"

 I hope so but with the pro’s playing we are now considered one of the favorites, I hope we win gold every time we play

10) Were you worried to play the Soviets after the loss in the scrimage against them in MSG? 

 no, we were a different team the 2nd time we played, much more confident and playing much better

11) Has anything in the world ever compared to feeling after scoring such a big goal in the Olympics? (refering to the GW goal against the Soviets)

Yes the birth of my 3 children was greater

Check out Josh Edwards version of the interview here!

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