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Thursday, 27 September 2012

1 Reason Why Fans Wont Give Up on the NHL


The NHL has entered the beginning of a lockout. I say entered because until earlier this week the inability to agree on a new CBA had not resulted in the loss of any games. Now that we have missed a handful of pre-season games and are quite likely to miss the rest and the start of the regular season, the lockout is in full swing.

Since hockey fans aren't being allowed to watch the game they love they're extremely upset and sad. Many are saying that even if the NHL comes back theywon't hurry back. Some have even gone as far to say "they are done with the NHL". While I sympathize with those fans and am upset myself that the NHL has entered their 3rd lockout in the last 18 years, fans will be back regardless of what they sayNo matter what you say or "tweet" you know deep down inside the moment the NHL is back your duff will be back on the couch watching. Here's the reason fans will be: Gary Bettman

"What?! But everyone hates Bettman for destroying our game". While he certainly isn't in any hockey fans

good books, he is the main reason why fans will come back after this lockout. Bettman has become the antagonist to the NHL. Fans love the game and want to see it be successful, where as Bettman seems to be doing everything he can to make sure it doesn't succeed. In a story or movie you rarely want the antagonist to win the battle and become successful, which is exactly why hockey fans can't leave the game.

A lot of the hostility to the game stems from the comments the commissioner made that insinuated "fans are mindless sheep and they'll be back no matter what". For a lot of fans, including myself, those comments struck a nerve. But in reality all we are to the NHL are consumers, the league could care less about our thoughts, opinions or feelings. Due to Bettman publicly going on record and saying he believes the fans will be back no matter what, fans have decided they don't want to come back if they're going to be taken advantage of.

It's a harsh cycle, Bettman and the league don't care about the fans and just want their money, but fans can't give up the game they love. Turning away from the game would be admitting defeat, it's like saying Gary Bettman has succeeded in destroying the thing you love. As a die hard hockey fan you know you can't let Bettman win this battle.

Whether you like it or not Bettman is the reason fans will be back to the NHL as soon as the two sides reach an agreement. Walking away now would be saying the antagonist has won and Bettman has successfully destroyed the NHL. It may take you a few months to regain your faith in the league and you may not waist money on useless merchandise, but you will find yourself watching hockey games.

As a hockey fan you don't nor want to let Bettman win this battle and at the end of the day you will be back to make sure the game is still successful. The last thing you want is for the game to be ruined forever!

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