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Monday, 5 November 2012

Movember and the NHL: 5 Best Beards From Last Season

November is often a slow and boring month. It's the month before December and Christmas, it's right after Halloween and there isn't really anything exciting going on. But the thing that makes the slow and cold month exciting is the furry brows that appear on the upper lips of men in support of Prostate Cancer. Hence why it's called Movember, because of the moustaches that are grown during the month. Now facial hair and hockey go hand and hand, there's the traditional "playoff beard" and 3rd/4th line grinders who are more known for their facial hair then their play. But for hockey players, being able to grow a half decent beard/moustache is a badge of honour, so let's take a look back at the 5 best "mo's" from last years Movember.

5. Carey Price

There is never a dull moment with the Canadiens goaltender, and one thing he's not shy about is his confidence. He showed his

confidence with his "pedophile" looking moustache last season. Although he seems to grow the same style of "mo" every Movember, he still gets points for giving it his best shot. Who knows maybe if the Habs ever make a deep playoff run with him between the pipes, we'll get to see a real beard from the young goaltender.

4. Claude Giroux

Giroux gets bonus points for his "mo" despite using Just For Men to enhance his facial hair. When you're a ginger you're unlikely to grow a deep dark moustache, so to help make his hair's more noticeable he touched it up. Is it cheating or points for creativity, I vote creativity. What he lacks in facial hair he makes up for in skill.


3. Paul Bissonnette

Remember the grinders I mention above? Bissonnette fits perfectly into this category, people know more about his twitter feed than his actual hockey stats. So when Movember rolls around no doubt the attention seeking 4th liner makes the most of it. With his support for Movember it's hard not to cheer for his stache, but with last years effort he could fit the part of a creepy pizza delivery man.

2. Mike Brown

Brown like Bissonnette is a 4th liner who is known for other things other than scoring goals. But when you're playing in Toronto and not scoring goals the media has a tendency to eat you alive, instead Brown decided he was going to be know for his epic facial hair that screams "Go ahead take a shot at me!"
Brown rocks the handle bar moustache and doesn't cut it off after Movember, instead he lets it grow and in turn it's becomes part of his persona with the Leafs.

1. George Parros

Although Parros is no longer with the Anaheim Ducks, he will forever be known for his famous moustache, heck they even sell his moustaches in the Ducks team store. Parros says his moustache is inspired by his favourite musician  Sean "Greazy" Bryan. His stache is so popular that his former teammates in Denver got mad when he decided to shave it off. Parros has his own apparel line "Stache Gear" in which all proceeds go to charity. Talk about using your moustache to the fullest, not bad for the former Ducks enforcer.

Unfortunately because of the lockout fans aren't likely to see too many of their favourite players rocking a moustache, so if you're missing those hair faces just check back here to see the best ones from last season. Better yet how about growing a moustache yourself for the month of November and helping raise support for mens health, after all you moustache can't be any worse than Sidney Crosby's sad attempt at a stache right?
Happy Movember to all you "mo-bros!"

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