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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Top 10 NHL Goals of 2012

Anyone else missing the jaw dropping goals from the NHL? yeah me too! But with 2012 down to the final days and a hockey-less 2013 on the way it's time we look back at some of the best goals from the NHL during the 2011 and 2012 season. Some of these goals will leave you scratching your head and wondering how they made it happen. Here are my top 10 NHL goals of 2012.

*Warning The Following Videos May Cause Hockey Withdrawals*


10. Benoit Pouliot

Pouliot goes end to end on butter toast, between the legs and then falls to his knees before tucking the puck in far side! The benefit of 4 on 4 hockey is the extra space for these guys to work their magic and in this highlight reel goal Pouliot takes full advantage of the extra space.

9. Corey Perry

Now although this goal was done in the All-Star skills competition, an event made just to hype up goals and wouldn't have counted in a real game, for fans who grew up watching hockey this one hits home. In this amazing goal Perry goes old school by pulling out the mini-stick and going back to the mini-stick days, using the decoy to deke out the goalie. As far as goals go, this one is a classic.

8. Tyler Ennis

Ennis is a guy who plays the game all out and seeing his emotion coming out after a jaw-dropping goal is amazing. Ennis makes Markov look like a simple pylon during practice with this dandy, check out his celebration after the goal!

7. Bobby Ryan

One of the most under-rated advantages/skills in hockey is size. At 6 foot 2 Ryan uses all of his extra length to rend the defenceman helpless. After getting past 2 defencemen, Nabokov misses the poke check giving Ryan a wide open net.

6. Claude Giroux

If you followed the Pittsburgh Penguins and and Philadelphia Flyers rivalry throughout the season, you can understand why this goal is included. The two team simply can't stand each other, and arguably the two best players from each team collide in an open ice hit. While Crosby is busy wondering why someone actually hit him, Giroux jumps up, joins the rush and snipes a short side goal on Marc Andre-Fluery.

5. Jeff Skinner

If there's one thing young hockey players know how to do it's score exciting goals. Here Skinner mixes in a little toe-drag and then kicks the puck from his back skate between his legs and back on the blade of his stick then goes far side. Skinner actually loses the puck on this rush manages to compose himself and get back, fantastic composure from such a young player.

4. Alexander Ovechkin

You could probably have a top 10 dedicated specifically to highlight reel goals from Ovechkin, it seems all the guy does is score jaw dropping goals. Here Ovechkin goes between the legs to lose the defenceman and the proceeds to go bar down, the goalie didn't stand a chance.

3. Matt Duchene

Now this is an incredible goal, not only does Duchene score this beauty he also reaches behind him, to the opposite side of his stick, to redirect the puck back to his forehand. It's the type of goal you have to watch 2 or 3 times to fully believe your eyes.

2. Jason Spezza

Now I know Spezza himself didn't score this goal, but after an effort like this they should have just given the goal to him. Here Kyle Turris is in the right place at the right time and benefits from a fantastic individual effort from Spezza. If you didn't know better you would have thought he had a the puck on a string, the way he's able to weave his way through the opposition and keep control shows the skill he truly possess.

1. Evgeni Malkin

One thing that can't be disputed is that Malkin had a breakout year last season while Crosby was on the sidelines. He put the team on his back and never disappointed. Here he goes coast to coast on butter toast and honestly I don't think there's a player in white who he didn't deke out of their uniform. Malkin dances through the entire Tampa Bay Lightning team and slips the puck 5-hole. People were so impressed by this dandy that it drew comparison to a goal scored by Penguins great Mario Lemieux.

I hope you enjoyed the top 10 NHL goals from 2012, it was truly a remarkable season with many highlights. Did I miss any spectacular goals, from 2012? Let me know!


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