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Monday, 14 January 2013

Stand Up Turn Around

It's been a long 3 months for NHL fans, the game they love was wrongfully taken away- while the people who run the league engaged in the battle of greed. But after a gruelling process which lasted 113 days the battle finished and the NHL has been returned to it's fans- All's forgiven right? Wrong!

Now there have been tons of protests encouraging fans to stay away from or boycott the NHL in order to send a message to the league, but the only problem with those idea's is the fans- who did nothing wrong, are forced to further miss out on the game they love and after 3 long months most are desperate to see NHL hockey again.

We here at the The Puck Stops Here have come up with a new idea to "stick it to Gary Bettman" a simple idea called Stand Up Turn Around. Best of all it doesn't involve you missing any of your beloved hockey. The idea was originally brought to my attention through Donmanski, a former editor here. Project Stand Up and Turn Around is mainly for fans that are lucky enough to be going to NHL opening night or home openers on January 19th and 20th- but even if you're not going to a game next weekend, you can still help spread the word.

Here is the just of project Stand Up Turn Around:

The lockout is over – now what?  Stand Up and Turn Around  

Fans of the NHL are understandably upset with the 113 day lockout they had to endure. But now what?  Boycott the game they love and miss? Stop buying merchandise?  Watch basketball?  None of those or any others I’ve heard make any sense.  There are too many people who already have  a great deal of money invested to just give it up.  There are too many vendors who’ve already suffered enough for the fans to continue hurting them.

What needs to be done is something simple, yet noticeable.  One that allows fans to come together and show that they’re sick and tired of putting up with the nonsense that arises every few years.  There is a simple answer – Stand Up and Turn Around.

Fans going to team home openers are being encouraged to Stand Up and Turn Around during the opening face-off of each game.  Not for long, just the first 10-30 seconds the puck is in play.  Afterwards, settle in, put the past behind you and enjoy the sprint to the Cup! (not to be confused with the Sprint Cup)

Imagine the message sent if players and owners see this happening in their arenas – they’d have to get the message.  They’d have a visible message to their selfishness with the game we love.

So, everyone – repeat after me – Stand Up and Turn Around!  #Standupandturnaround.


Want to send a visible message that will actually mean something? Sure you can stop buying merchandise or boycott going to games, but eventually someone else will take your spot and open their wallets to the NHL. But if fans actually stood up and turned their backs to game action, imagine the message that would be sent? Just imagine the in-game commentators: "Are fans turning their back to the game? Why yes they are! Todd it appears that fans have turned their back for the opening face-off- maybe in an attempt to send a message?"

Imagine the message 30 seconds of your time could send- Besides what's going to happen in 30 seconds?

Take the pledge Stand Up and Turn Around!



  1. Great idea to get a point across! I like it!

  2. Awesome idea! If I was going to the home opener, I would totally do that!

  3. Caitlin - the idea is interesting but it doesn't have any impact. I wrote an article about turning in season tickets - we need to hit them in the pocket book by not buying jerseys etc. I have season tickets and its hard to turn them in because the next guy in line sccops them up. However we don't need to buy T shirts pictures etc. A loss of that revenue stream for a year would make owners and players alike think again.


  4. I think I'm bringing a sign for my back that says "Love the players - showing my dislike for Gary Bettman"

  5. Caitlin Campbell16 January 2013 at 05:43

    Thanks Dawn, really glad you liked the idea- hopefully we can reach some hockey fans and convince them to join

  6. Caitlin Campbell16 January 2013 at 05:44

    Thanks Erica for your support. Help spread the word!

  7. Caitlin Campbell16 January 2013 at 05:45

    Thanks for the comment Brian. While you're likely right almost nothing-not even giving up seasons tickets will get the message across it's worth a try.

  8. Caitlin Campbell16 January 2013 at 05:45

    Absolutely love the idea Dawn- if you end going through with it tweet me a picture!

  9. [...] or any others I’ve heard make any sense.  There are too many people who already have  a great deal of money invested to just give it up.  There are too many vendors who’ve already suffered enough [...]

  10. Mathew Calverase17 January 2013 at 09:50

    Boy that really hits them where it hurts. The atricle states "they would have to the message" Ya , right. Stand up and turn your back-----so they can stick it in your back, again?? You know what gets their attention??? MONEY. The thing that they were fighting like a couple of little brats over in the first place. They showed where their allegience and attention were, and it sure as hell wasn't with us fans. So my way of getting their attention is to not supply them with the very thing that both sides were so greedily obsessing about. MONEY. That is the only thing that will get their attention, because it is the only thing they care about. They dont care about YOU. They care about YOUR MONEY. Turning you back will only give the the opportunitiy to laugh at you for being so gullible to return.