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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins Prove that Hockey can Heal

For most people hockey is a way to escape reality. Every struggle you're facing just vanishes while you're mesmerized by your favourite hockey team. An escape from reality and a little bit of fun is just what the doctor order for the city of Boston. The hockey game on Wednesday that featured the Boston Bruins squaring off against the rival Buffalo Sabres, was far more than just a hockey game.

For the city of Boston winning championship's is nothing new. They've racked up a Stanley Cup, NBA Championship, 3 Super Bowl wins and 2 World Series titles in the last 13 years. Their fans have had numerous opportunities to express their pride and show their support. But none of those moments came close to the game at TD Garden on Wednesday.

bruins-fans_001-4_3_r536_c534I myself am Canadian, and darn proud of it too! But one thing I've always loved about Americans is their patriotism. Americans have the most pride and respect for their country and they're willing to show you it anytime. As soon as the rest of America found out about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, they came together to stand tall with Boston.

One of the best moments from the game on Wednesday was the crowd itself singing the national anthem. I got chills watching, listening to the national anthem being loudly and proudly sung by the 17,000+ in attendance.

While long time anthem singer Rene Rancourt started the anthem he handed the reigns over to the TD Garden. The fans didn't let him down. They picked up where he left off and finished the Star-Spangled Banner united as one.

The pre-game ceremony was like one I have never seen before. Seeing the players on both the Sabres and Bruins singing the national anthem and getting choked up during the video, spoke volumes. It wasn't just a hockey game being played on Wednesday, it was a way to help Bostonians heal.
"It was incredible. To see how everyone was reacting and watching that video was obviously very emotional for everyone. The whole time, we were fighting back tears." ~ Brad Marchand

Not only was this an escape and a chance to be entertained, it was also a way for Bruins' fans to make a statement about their patriotism and pride. They wanted to send the message that they would not be defeated.

When people go through down times there is always a sports team that they turn to and fixate their attention on. Sports occupy the human race. You talk about it with family and friends, watch it, compete in it and it provides a distraction from everyday life. Whether you like it or not, Sports dictate how people live their lives.

With the role sports play, TD Garden was the perfect place for the city of Boston to come together and show they're still strong and united.

Despite the shootout loss, the Bruins clinched a playoff birth with the point they earned. Not only have the Bruins locked up their ticket for the playoffs, there's also a solid chance they'll go far and challenge for the Stanley Cup. Having a competitive Bruins hockey team is just what the city of Boston needs. They'll have a chance to rally behind the Bruins on their quest in the playoffs.

Capitals Bruins HockeyWhile the Boston Bruins will give the fans something to hold onto and rely on, the fans will also help the Bruins with emotional support and pride. While tragedies are never anything good, sometimes good can come out of them. The Boston Bruins now have a new reason to win the Stanley Cup- for their city.

While the scoreboard showed that the Sabres had defeated the Bruins, there were no losers from that game. The entire city of Boston and America stood proud and got behind their hockey team's. The entire city of Boston won on Wednesday. They showed they wouldn't be defeated and that together in numbers, united, they were strong. Boston Strong!

Seeing both the Bruins and Sabres skate to centre ice to salute the crowd and hearing the USA- USA chants break-out, was a special scene. Showing that both teams and everyone in the building was on Boston's side.

It's going to take awhile for things to fall back into place and people to get back on with their lives. Many lives were impacted in one way or another on Monday. It's going to take time for the city to recover. Having a team to cheer for such as the Boston Bruins will help make that process easier.

What fans will take away from the game on Wednesday isn't the score, for that truly didn't matter. But instead the patriotism, pride, strength and resiliency from the people in Boston. Boston may have been shaken but they wont be broken!

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  1. Love seeing that even in the face of horrific events, we draw closer together! As citizens, we need to remember this, not just during tragic times, but when things go well also. Thanks for sharing with us Caitlin!