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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hockey Moms

Since today is Mothers Day I’ve decided to write a post thanking all hockey moms and dedicate it to my mother Pat Campbell.

Mothers are our biggest fans, best supporters and loudest cheerleaders. They want nothing more than to see their child succeed in their sport and life. They put their own hopes and dreams on hold so that their little athletes can chase theirs. When things go right they're the first ones to celebrate and when things go wrong they're the first ones to comfort and wipe the tears away. They dedicate their entire lives to a sport, they are more than just moms- they are the infamous hockey moms.

They come to every hockey game and no one can out-cheer them. When you score or make a big save they swell up with pride. They hold their breath when you get hit and yell at your opponent. They're there for you when you don't make the team and ready to console after a 5-0 loss. They know the words to say before a game and when to be quiet when no words are needed.

Hockey moms everywhere have played a key role in their hockey players development. From house league to the NHL, it all started because of a willing hockey mom. Thank you! Here's just a little peek into the life of a hockey mom.
  • To all the moms who understood the passion that their children had and allowed them to pursue what they loved, without any question. Thank you.

  • To all the moms who woke up and drove their kids to hockey practice at 7 in the morning. Thank you.

  • To all the moms who put off buying what they wanted to help buy hockey equipment. Thank you.

  • To the moms who became accustomed to the long road trips, living out of the car and staying in hotels on a weekly basis. Thank you.

  • To the moms who were cool with hockey tournaments over Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and March Break. Thank you.

  • To the moms (Especially goalie moms) who couldn't bare to watch the action sitting there peeking through their fingers and holding their breath on every rush. Yelling out where the puck was and to "Watch that player!" like your goalie could hear you. Thank you for putting up with the heart-attacks.

  • To the moms who sat in freezing cold hockey arena’s on hard bleachers cheering their kids on to victory. Thank you and the support means more than you could have imagined.

  • To all the moms who spent hours traveling from city to city and often knew other cities better than their own.

  • To the moms who ran around the arena to the bench to make sure your kid was ok. Thank you and your concern is touching.

  • To the moms who put up with all the quirky superstitions and had their own. Thank you.

  • To the moms who drove hours so their kid could find a team. Thank you.

  • To the moms who sat in emergency rooms, tapped ankles and wrists and went to visit doctor after doctor until you found the right prognosis. Thank you.

  • To the moms who educated themselves about a sport they didn't know so they could join in hockey conversations and watch hockey games. Thank you for your effort.

  • To the moms who got blisters from tying their young hockey players' skates. Thank you.

  • To the moms who ate the horrible arena food and delicious popcorn. Thank you.

  • To the moms who turned the car around and went back home when their hockey player forgot a helmet or elbow pad. Thank you.

  • To the moms who referred to the rink as their second home. Thank you.

  • To all the moms who remember your the first hockey game when you couldn't see over the boards and the jersey didn't fit and the last game where you were big and strong. They wonder where the time went in between. Thank you for watching your little hockey player grow.

Today while driving around to hockey games and practices, remember to take a moment to thank your hockey mom. She gave up more than you can imagine so you could live your dream. Hockey moms are the biggest and craziest fans around, but they just want whats best for you and to see you happy.

Thank you for everything you do hockey moms, your hockey player wouldn't be half the hockey player they are now without your support.

Lastly I'll leave you with a video. Hockey moms just know how important hockey is to you and are willing to help you live your dream.


  1. Caitlin Campbell12 May 2013 at 12:54

    Thanks for the read MA!

  2. Caitlin it was a pleasure supporting you with your hockey. I would do it all over again for you my love. It was well worth it. I Love You and will always support you!!!!