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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Changing the NHL

After many contriversies in the NHL, regarding goals, penalties and even icing. The NHL is more serious that ever about changing some of the rules for the upcoming 2011-2012 season. At a Research development camp, in Toronto Ontario, the NHL is testing a whopping 27 possible rule changes. some are changes people are liking and other not soo much. "This gives us an opportunity to try new things, look at things, even if we never implement them, It really gives us a chance to take a deep breath — not during the season, when everybody's worrying about the game they have to play — and make sure that we are comfortable with where we are"- NHL commissioner Gary Bettman

I wont discuss all 27 rule changes, but just the ones that stood out to me the most!

A secret trap to lour General Managers to the development camp, is the upcoming draft prospects are the ones testing the rules. 37 of the best 17 year old's in North America are on the ice battling it out. so many GM's come to mainly watch their prospects adapt to new changes.

The NHL has made it clear that few of these changes will be adapted right away. But on of the changes that could possibly be added are the changes to and around the nets. One new change for the nets would be shallower nets, along with the shallower nets, they have added a green line 3 inches behind the goal line, to help make an easier call if a puck has crossed the line. The pint of the green "verification" line is that if the puck is toughing or on the green line the puck is technically "in" the net, if the puck is not touching the green line it is technically "not in the net." I personally am a fan of this new green line in the back of the net. (it would have been helpful when I was playing as well). It helps determine that there is officially a goal scored. the NHL rules; "state that the puck must be clearly over the red goal line in order for an official goal to scored." but in the rush of the play and even during video review it is tough to see if the puck clearly crossed the line or not. sometimes a goalie will accidentally move the puck on the goal line, but not technically over the line, and it is called a goal when it should not be a goal. This rule will help clarify if a goal has been scored. If you remember back the 2004 playoffs, it was between the Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lighting. The Flames had scored a goal which would have won them the Stanley cup, but the refs ruled the puck had not crossed the line, when it fact it clearly had. Calgary went on to loose the cup to Tampa in 7 games. This call cost the Flames a Stanley Cup. Another situation where the cup wasn't at stake, was a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Ranger. Sami Salo blasted a shot that just squeaked through Lundquist and just crossed the line before a teammate took it out. They reviewed the goal but was determined the puck never crossed the line completely. So back to my original point, I believe this rule change will help benefit the NHL and maybe even help the goals to go up, because that is what the fans want, the highlight goals. "It's not as sexy as a rule change but it could certainly have a big play in how a game is decided," said Shanahan.
The NHL could be implenting the rule soon, even if it is just a trial period; "I think that the shallow nets are something that I'd really like to try in at least an exhibition game and see how players react to it," Shanahan said Thursday.

Another change I'm in favor for, is not necessarily a rule change, just a slight equipment adjustment. having Clear glass over top of the net and around the posts. This will help the refs have more control of seeing the puck cross the line, as well as make it clearer to the cameras that are reviewing the play. This slight modification will only benefit the game, and the refs, they will receive less flack if they are seeing more of the puck clearly. Don't get me wrong its always fun to heckle with a ref, especially after the embarrassing job they did last NHL season. But it will most likely make their job just a little easier. The nets could also be shrinking, from the traditional 44 inches to 40 inches.

One ruler change I don't want to see, is the icing rule even if you are short handed. I understand the logic behind the possible change, but its not needed. penalizing a team for icing the puck while they are already short handed, its not fair to certain teams. Some teams, have a hard enough time killing penalties with the rules as they are. why make it harder? if this rule is implemented the players will end up taking more and more penalties and there will be a never ending cycle to a team being shorthanded. players will be getting frustrated and start cross checking and slashing and tripping on purpose, in an attempt to get the puck and get a line change. This rule is not necessary for the NHL.

Dan Bylsma and Dave Tippett both like these new changes as well as Brandon shannahan, head of the NHLPA. so the changes involving the nets, could be coming to a hockey arena near you! stay tuned hockey nuts! thanks for reading this extremely long blog, hope you enjoyed it! keep watching hockey!

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