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Monday, 15 August 2011


As everyone, knows by now; (unless you live under a rock) Sidney Crosby sustained a major concussion and has not played a game since January 5th. there were 2 incidents that sidelined Crosby; on the Winter Classic game on new year day, he was hit by a blindside hit by a member of the Washington Capitals. then a few says later, he was hit hard by victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Since the later incident Crosby has not played a game. he was rehabbing really well, before the 2011 playoffs, but had a major setback and was no longer aloud to work out. today information leaked on many radio stations that Crosby has suffered another setback and will not be ready for the start of next season. the Penguins are remaining fairly mum on the subject of Crosby not being able to start. Ray Shero; GM of the Penguins stated "its nothing where he has had to shut it down or anything. he just pushed himself"

so whats really going on with Crosby? in my humble opinion; he has had a setback and needs to take it easier. yes Crosby is the stellar superstar in the NHL today, but he cant rush this. he needs to make sure he is fully recovered before coming. as someone who has had a couple concussions, knows, he's definitely in some pain, despite the injury being 7 months ago, returning to activity after a severe concussion is never an easy thing.

Now there is no doubt the Penguins need their superstar back on the ice, in order to excel and perhaps win another Stanley Cup. but its not worth the risk of his long term health. which is why the Pittsburgh organization is not rushing him.

I'm going out on a limb here and saying Crosby will not be ready for the first week of Penguins training camp, BUT will be ready for the start of the regular season!

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