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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Crosby and Parise bromance is over

News broke Wednesday afternoon the Zach Parise had agreed to a 13 year deal with the Minnesota Wild. In the process of signing a deal with the Wild Parise broke a verbal agreement he had with the Pittsburgh Penguins and his good friend Sidney Crosby. Turns out Crosby isn't taking the news so well.
Source: "Crosby is RAGING right now. Said he'll never talk to Parise again. Lied to him and to organization and broke promise." #Pens
— Hockeyy Insiderr (@HockeyyInsiderr) July 4, 2012
 Everything that @HockeyyInsider says needs to be taken with a grain of salt, a lot of it is false. While his tweet may have blown things out of proportion, there has to be some truth to this. It was reported that Crosby called Parise 3 times to try and convince him to join the Penguins. Crosby also excepted less money on his contract extension, so they Penguins would have enough money to get him a solid winger like Parise. Unfotunetly for Crosby a "verbal agreement" in this day and age means nothing. Unless there is signed paperwork nothing is written in stone.

Parise chose to return home to finish out his hockey career where it began in Minnesota. His father played for the Minnesota North Stars and Parise lives in Minnesota during the offseason. Parise chose to be close to home instead and instead of playing with long time friend Crosby, he chose to join forces with another friend and fellow free agent Ryan Suter. Suter and Parise signed identical contracts with the Wild worth $98 million over 13 years. Parise said it was important to him that his friend Suter was treated fairly and offered a solid amount of money.

You have to hand it to Parise. It was a risky decision to turn down an opportunity to play with long time friend and arguably one of the best players in the world and join a Stanley Cup contending team to go and play on a team that will have a difficult time just making the playoffs!

But here's what really rubs me the wrong way about the 13 year $98 million deals that Parise and Suter signed:

Let me see if I get this, Crosby is the best player on the planet and is worth $104M, Parise/Suter are top 25-30 and get $98M #MakeSense
— Ryan Moynes (@ryanmoynes) July 4, 2012
While I may be in the majority of people who think this way but Parise and Suter are no where even close to being worth that much money! In my ranking Parise is not inside the top 5 forwards, heck he's not even inside my top 20 and don't even get me started about Suter. Unfortuently for the Wild and Penguins and other teams that were in the running, this is a very weak free agency class there aren't many markee players. Which makes the prices for players go through the roof because they see teams are throwing money at them, they think they deserve it.

If NHL teams keep throwing absolutely ridiculous amounts of money at players who don't deserve that type of money the league is going to be bankrupt. In order to make up for the money the Wild spent they now have to raise ticket prices. Eventually when ticket prices get extremely expensive people stop buying them! Here's a quote from non other than the Minnesota owner Craig Leipold:
“We’re not making money and that’s one reason we need to fix our system. We need to fix how much we are spending.” – Craig Leipold April 11, 2012
Maybe if you didn't spend $196 million on two players, you could make some money! Talk about hypocrisy.

To make matters worse for the Penguins, who lost Crosby's current wing Steve Sullivan to free agency just before news broke they lost Parise as well. The Penguins weren't even one of the final two teams he was looking at. The two teams he was debating between were his current team the New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Wild. I guess the only thing Crosby can sell is tickets.

While Parise may not be getting any more calls from Crosby he will be heading home to play in his hometown, a homecoming of sorts. Guess winning wasn't all that important to him.
The way the media treated Parise and Suter joining forces you would think all the news was about Crosby and Ovechkin joining forces. Maybe one day?

P.S- I don't have anything against Crosby, Suter or Parise. This was more of a humours article poking a little fun at the players. What good is hockey if it's all serious even in the off season?

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