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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

CBA Update

I really wish I had good news to pass on to you all, but Gary Bettman doesn't want me to. The majority of fans agree that the CBA talks are moving too slowly, the two sides met last Wednesday and were supposed to meet all day Wednesday. Notice I said supposed to meet Wednesday. While Donald Fehr and Bettman did meet to discuss their feelings over the negotiations Wednesday morning, they decided to call off the NHL/ NHLPA meetings that were supposed to take place Wednesday afternoon.The negotiations are expected to continue Thursday morning.

The two sides met for two hours on Wednesday morning. The purpose of the meeting? To get everyones thoughts on the negotiations;
"I think more than anything else it was to review where we are in the process, where we've come from, where we are with the various proposals and to determine how to move the process forward in the best way possible" ~ Bill Daly

With just under a month until the deadline, there doesn't appear to be much urgency from either side. Cancelling meetings is no way to work out a new deal. It was rumoured that during the two hour meeting, which included the top executives from both sides, that revenue sharing was once again the major topic. Bettman and the league have upped the players share of revenue to 6 percent slightly raised from their initial 4.5 percent.

CBA talks will hopefully resume Thursday morning and continue for the majority of the day. Fans should have a better idea on where the two sides stand by the end of the week. Right now it's a game of who will blink first: the millionaires or the billionaires.


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