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Monday, 7 May 2012

Niagara Ice Dog Trevor Petersen interview

Despite not being drafted in the OHL draft Trevor Petersen has found a home with the Niagara Ice Dogs in the OHL. Peterson was determined to work hard and show the OHL what they had missed by passing home over, he worked hard and was able to get the attention of the Ice Dogs. Petersen and the Ice Dogs are battling it out for the OHL championship against the London Knights.
Trevor will have one more season in the OHL before his NHL draft year and will look to have a bigger role with the Ice Dogs next season and solidify his chance of getting drafted. Trevor is a solid two way player who has the ice and the skill to compete against the best. He's making a name for himself on a star studded Niagara Ice Dogs team!
I had the opportunity to interview Trevor Peterson.

1. Who has had the biggest influence on your life?
The biggest influence has been my parents, they have always been there for me whether things are going my way or not. They have taught me so much about growing up and being a good person outside of the rink which has really helped my character!

2. What are your plans for next season?
Next season I see myself having a bigger role with the ice dogs as the majority of the top 6 forwards are leaving. It is also my draft year next season (as I have a late birthday) so I am aiming for a 30-40 point season next year.

3. Your first fight in the OHL was against your high school friend Joseph Blandisi, what was it like fighting a former friend? Did you win?
Joe and I planned that fight as we both wanted to get our first OHL fight out of the way. It wasn't much of a fight, more of a wrestling match as we are still good buddies.

4. Looking back was not getting drafted in the OHL better for your career? (many players who had gotten drafted have yet to make their teams).
Not getting drafted was really difficult at the beginning, a lot of the teams were talking to me and telling me they would take me in one of the first 5 rounds. After not getting drafted I refocused on getting a NCAA school to take me on for next season Maine, UNH, and Quinnipiac all contacted me. Robert Morris ended up offering me a spot on the Niagara Ice Dogs and I felt coming to Niagara would be the best fit for me. So yes not getting drafted originally opened up more roads for me.

5. Whats it like playing/hanging out with players like Dougie Hamilton, Mark Visetin and Ryan Strome?
These guys are players who I can admire both on and off the ice. They are really great guys to have around and have taught me so much this season: From leading by example to giving me little tips here and there. Most importantly these gentleman have taught me to be mature and that you need to be loyal both on and off the ice.

6. At what age did you know hockey was your sport?
My dad laced me up around the age of 5 but my first year of house league hockey was pretty rough. That summer I enrolled in hockey schools and power skating lessons, the next season I came back and was a superstar from that moment I knew I wanted to play at the highest level of hockey possible! Hockey is such a unique sport, whenever I'm on the ice it just clears my mind and I feel so relaxed while doing what I love for a living.

7. What is your greatest hockey memory?
There have been a lot of great memories, but the ones that I remember the most are playing shinny with the buddies during summer break and skating on the out door rinks during the Christmas holidays. There's nothing better!

8. What is your favourite NHL team?
My favourite NHL team is the Chicago Blackhawks. Patrick Kane.

9. If you could meet any player past or present who would it be?
Wayne Gretzky, he is considered to be the best player to ever play the game. So I think it would be cool too meet him and hear what he would say about his greatest moments and memories throughout his career.

10. If you could play for any NHL which would it be and why?
Honestly playing for any NHL team would be a huge honour! My agent and I have already been contacted by a few teams and whenever a new team contacts us I get really excited and it just motivates me to work that much harder. Playing in the NHL would be a dream come true, and right now I'm all about making my dreams become a reality!

I'd like to thank Trevor for the opportunity to have an interview with him. We'll be following his progress right to the draft next season to see where he ends up! Good luck Trevor!
check out Josh Edwards version of the interview here!

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