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Thursday, 10 May 2012


Are you suffering from Playoff-itis?
It's time to dive right in and tackle the horrible disease which comes over all hockey fans at some point during their hockey watching.
If you're suffering from this terrible disease I am here to help!

What is Playoff-Itis-
Playoff-itis is a terrible thing which makes even the most die hard hockey fans not want to watch hockey, specifically in the playoffs! It's when you change the channel from a playoff hockey game to American Idol, where you'd rather chat to friends on Facebook/Twitter instead of watching the game. The most drastic of all, when you are willing to go to the washroom during a period of hockey! Playoff-Itis is most prevalent during the playoffs which usually kicks in around the 2nd round and can last for a whole round of playoff hockey!

What causes you to have playoff-itis

  • When your team has failed to make the playoffs, or have been eliminated in the first round causing you to be bitter towards the other teams.

  • When the outcome of a hockey game is decided within the first two periods, giving you no reason to continue watching the game.

  • When all the teams you sort of like lose and you hate all the other teams.

  • When you have to jump from bandwagon to bandwagon during the playoffs. Constantly changing the team you support which becomes draining.

  • Being chirped for jumping on another teams bandwagon!

  • When you really could care less about the two teams that are playing, and secretly wish they could both lose.

  • When all the other series' finish, and you're just waiting for that one series that decides they're going to go to 7 games and delay everything.

  • When a goalie decides they're going to be all good and not let the other team score, making for a long game.

  • When a rookie goalie is shutting down when of the best teams in the league.

  • When you don't like the people who are commentating the game.

  • When the game becomes boring.


How to know you are suffering, if you find yourself doing any of the following symptoms you are likely suffering!

  • Changing the channel while the game is being played.

  • Deciding it would be less painful to watch wannabe singers on American Idol

  • When you'd rather talk to your friends during the game. (Not on intermission but during game action)

  • When you're paying more attention to your twitter feed than the game.

  • When you start listening to what your parents are saying to you during the game.

  • When your mom asks you to find something more exciting on TV, and you agree.

  • When you don't even turn on the hockey game.

  • When you just can't get into a playoff series or the two teams playing in the series.

  • When you care less about a big save or a big hit that happened in the game.

  • Doing homework instead of watching the game.

  • Playing NHL 12 instead of watching the game. You decide to make you dream playoff match up while playing the game.

  • When you start looking at who your team might draft and what moves they're going to make this offseason.

  • When you fall asleep during the game.

  • When you start to think you can play better than the NHL players.

  • When you STOP yelling at the TV when you disagree with a call.

  • When you don't want the game to go to overtime.


How to get over your Playoff-Itis before it's too late!

  • Forse yourself to watch the game no matter how painful it may be.

  • Do all necessary research on a team before you bandwagon the team, so you don't get made fun of.

  • Watch YouTube videos of your favourite team (that failed to make the playoffs) to help get you in the mood.

  • Remember that the playoffs are a such a high level of hockey, and your team wasn't up to that level. So this is an opportunity to watch top notch hockey.

  • If you like a feel good story cheer for the underdog!

  • Watch the game not from the perspective of a fan of the teams playing but more of a fan of the game of hockey.

  • Make sure you get a good nights rest especially after a late OT game, or you will be to tired and un-enthused towards the next game.

  • Watch as many hockey highlights as you possibly can to put you back in the hockey loving mood.

  • Convince some friends to watch the game with, whether they like hockey or not.

  • When watching a hockey playoff game specify it with a specific food to get you excited. (Eat Nachos while watch series #1 and eat KD during series #2)

  • Specifically root against the team one of your twitter friends are rooting for! This will add a little more excitement and add a little bit of a rivalry with your friend, not to mention bragging rights when your team kicks butt!

  • Or cheer for a team to make new twitter friends.

  • Wager some friendly bets on twitter, (making the person who lost have to change their avi to the other teams, Shoutouts or just flat out bragging rights!)

  • By a new jersey or t-shirt to up your team spirit.

  • Just remember your love for the game and why you love it.

If you or a loved one are suffering from this terrible disease please read this to get you back in touch with your hockey mojo. Playoff-Itis is a real and horrible thing that needs to be ended immediately, if we can save even 1 hockey fan from their suffering then the hockey community will be a better place!

I know how painful it is to not be able to watch your team play during the playoffs, but together we can enjoy watching playoff hockey and conqour Playoff-Itis!

*Note this blog is just for fun*

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