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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Foligno legacy

It was a moment Sabres fans and hockey fans had been waiting for, Marcus Foligno to do his fathers legendary "Foligno leap". Last night Sabres fans got their wish, Marcus scored his first goal at home in Buffalo and proceeded to do "the Jump" It was a great moment, and something the fans and Marcus will never forget. That was just the start for what would be an amazing night for Marcus.

The great leap came just 99 seconds into the game, when Marcus was able to bury a pass from Tyler Ennis, Marcus then proceeded to jump in the air like his father did so many times during his career. The goal was under review and once confirmed Marcus enjoyed a nice face wash from his Sabres teammates. But with his father in attendance, Marcus decided he wasn't done after 1; He scored his second goal 11 minutes into the second period to tie the game at 3's, a crucial goal for the Sabres who were in need of a goal. Then late in the third, Marcus sent the First Niagra centre into a frenzy when it looked like he tipped in a point shot to put the Sabres up 4-3, fans immediately started littering the ice with hats to celebrate Marcus' first career NHL hat trick. Sadly upon review it was evident that the youngest Foligno had not touched the puck (did a good job of selling the fact that he did), the goal was credited to new Sabres Alexander Sulzer.
Sadly the Sabres ended up losing to the Avalanche in a SO after allowing the tieing goal with .07 seconds left, reminds you of the Montreal game no?

Marcus is making quite the case for himself to stay with Buffalo until the end of season, he made his way into the Sabres lineup through others injuries and trades, but most importantly he's earning his ice time!
The Zack Kassian trade came as a shock to most, but the reason Buffalo felt comfortable dealing Kassian was Marcus Foligno. The young rookie has showed energy and determination and willingness to bang some bodies around (something Kassian wouldn't do in Buffalo) and the ability to score goals; 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games with the Sabres.

The Sabres felt that Marcus was near ready to take a full time role in the NHL and had a better upside than Kassian which made him expendable. I for one was never a huge fan of Foligno, I thought he was over hyped and over rated just because his father was the Sabres captain. But he's proved my prejudice wrong, and I'm really starting to like the young rookie and I think he's going to have a big future in Buffalo.

The Sabres drafted Marcus in 2009, 104th overall oddly enough the same year they drafted Zach Kassian and Brayden MacNabb. 2009 seemed to be the best draft year the Sabres have had in recent memory.
Foligno was drafted for his size (6'3 and 222 pounds) and his ability to be physical, his leadership on and off the ice and his ability to play a 2 way game. He was selected to play on the team Canada world junior team in 2011 (won silver).

I don't see Marcus Foligno being returned to the AHL anytime soon, if he keeps playing and putting up points like he currently is he may play himself onto a perminate spot on the Sabres roster. In all Likely hood he'll finish off the season with the Sabres. It's good to see the Foligno Leap back in Buffalo!


  1. AND he's giving Lindy & Darcy cover for the fizzing noises made by CoHo down on the fourth line...or wherever The Genius has him playing next game,er, shift ,or whatever.Next year we'll still have no #1 center, Derek Roy primed to set Darcy Fudd's heart all atwitter with a contract year surge a la Drew Stafford's Oscar winning fraud, and another 10-15th pick puckmoving D-man in the 1st round.But it will all be better next year...back to sleep everyone.

  2. oooops...not to disparage Marcus, or your opinion of him; its dead on!I've just seen this movie too often to get excited.LindyLand , where so much talent goes to die a natural death...

  3. Nope I totally agree, Lindy Ruff needs to go. He's mishandled way to many prospects/players and flat out over stayed his welcome, he's to comfy. With a new coach I think the likes of Foligno, Adam, Hodgson would all flourish.... Lindy seems to be a prospect killer!