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Thursday, 1 September 2011

NHL Tragedy

Hello all, due to illness and lack of worthwhile hockey stories, I have not posted a blog in quite some time!
But don't worry I am Back!
Yesterday it was as if a bomb shell went off, and exploded with stories from around the NHL, the two major stories; The sudden and tragic death of former NHL tough guy Wade belak and the possibility that Boston Bruins Marc Savard has played his last game in the NHL.

We'll kick things off with the Marc Savard story, as it was first reported. Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, delivered new yesterday and was not shy about delivering the news. "Marc Savard won't play this year," Chiarelli told the Boston Globe. "Nothing has changed in our monitoring. He'll be examined and he'll be declared unfit to play. thus ending any possibility that Savard will play in the fast approaching 2011-2012 season. But Chiarelli took it a step further in announcing the there is a slim chance we will see Savard on the ice again; "Based on what I see, what I hear, what I read, and what I'm told, it's very unlikely Marc will play again," Chiarelli said. UNLIKELY SAVARD WILL EVER PLAY AGAIN?! That is terrible news for bruins fans and Marc Savard. Savards original injury came from a very controversial hit from Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke, where Cooke, came East to West to deliver a deadly elbow/shoulder to Savards head, back on March 7, 2010. The hit knocked Sarvard unconscious, forcing him to be carted off on a stretcher. Savard missed training camp but worked himself back into the line up only to be hit again by Matt Hunwick in January. the vicious hit from Cooke came without any repercussion, as Cooke was not suspended; Colin Campbell decided to let this one slide; "I know Matt Cooke is a repeat offender, he's been suspended twice in the last year. I can't suspend Matt Cooke for being a repeat offender, I have to find a reason. Right now our rules say that shoulders to head are legal. Matt Cooke did not jump, and did not do anything that we found illegal in his actions even though again you don't like what happened," added Campbell. Many around the league were shocked by the choice of not giving Cooke a suspension. Even Cooke's own teammates though this hit was suspension worthy! Cooke is developing quite a bad reputation in the NHL and many are hoping "He gets what is coming to him" in simpler terms; Karmas a bitch! these vicious hits to the head need to stop, here is Savard who may never play another game in the NHL and Sidney Crosby who is likely to miss the start of the 2011/2012 campaign due to a hit back in January of 2011. Sarvard is entering the 2nd year of a 7 year contract that has him with the Bruins though the 2016/2017 season.  during Savard s career he racked up 207 goals and 499 assists in a 13-season career that has included stints with the New York Rangers, Calgary Flames, Atlanta Thrashers and the Bruins. Any ways enough about the hit and whether or not Cooke should have been suspended. the main point is the Savard my never play again! as someone who has had multiple concussion, and had to give up playing the sport I loved due to concussions, I can tell you the Savard will most likely not play again. during concussion and even post concussion, if you return to play and get hit again it can have serious even fatal consequences. The most important thing right now is Savards health, he needs to get better for his family and himself. Well what is Savard saying about all this "It's obviously been a long road for me; I'm still suffering with a lot of daily issues right now, it's been a tough go," said Savard. "I'm just trying to get through and not worry about hockey right now, just worry about my health because I have three young kids and they're important to me." Sarvard told TSN during his day with the Stanley Cup on August 1. What we do know is that Savard will not lace it up for the 2011/2012 season, and right now his NHL career hangs in the balance.
Next on to the the saddest story from Yesterday! Wade Belak was found dead in his Toronto condo! The cause of death has not been confirmed, but police suspect no foul play involved. This was shocking news around the hockey world, as no one saw this coming! Belak was in town to film the show The Battle of the Blades on CBC. the last team Belak played for before his retirement was the Nashville Predators, upon learning of his death the Predators released this statement; “The entire Nashville Predators organization and family is shocked and saddened by the sudden and untimely passing of Wade Belak. Wade was a beloved member of the organization, a terrific teammate and wonderful father and husband who will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Jennifer and children Andie and Alex. We offer our full support to them at this very difficult time. Many past and present NHLers released statement and tweets on the death!
Georges Laraque talked with TSN "Now I think people will realize the tough job of playing in the NHL and the tough job of being a heavyweight," he said. "It takes a lot mentally. It's really hard." "When you retire after being a heavyweight for as many years as you played, most of those guys didn't make [much] money, so there's no options for them after," Laraque said. "So, after you have all this pressure of playing and fighting for a living, now you have to fight to live when life after hockey is over." Owen Nolan tweeted "I'm lost for words. Wade Belak RIP my friend," his tweet read. It has been a rough summer for NHL tough guys; we lost Derek Boogard, Rick Rypien and now Wade Belak! A person from my twitter time line tweeted; 'Why does God insist taking every hockey playing beauty from us? So upsetting. RIP Wade Belak" this last death of Belak really shocked people, for the most part, Belak was a happy go lucky guy, he didn't have depression or injuries like the Boogard and Rypien. defiantly sad day for the NHL. this brings the question, should the NHL or NHLPA have a support group for retired and injured athletes? Right now as soon as a player retires they are kicked to the curb, and forgotten about. The NHL and NHLPA needs to step up and help these players transition from leaving the NHL, they need support! Belak was making the transition to being a broadcast/ TV personality for hockey.He had just signed a contract with Nashville to be the broadcaster for Predators games and was on the hit show "Battle of the Blades". He was remembered as always being nice and hilarious with the media. Belak was just 35 years young and is survived by his wife and two young children. He was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, 12th overall in the 1994 NHL entry draft! In 14 seasons with the NHL Belak spent time with Nashville, Toronto, Florida, Calgary and Colorado. he played in 549 career games racking up eight goals and added 25 assists, while racking up 1263 penalty minutes. RIP BELAK you will be missed!
That does it for me, I'll see you guys tomorrow!

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