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Friday, 2 September 2011

What you Need to Know

Welcome back to another Friday edition of what you need to know! Basically going over some of the smaller stories form around the NHL. So lets jump right in;

The Winnipeg Jets star Dustin Byfuglien was arrested Wednesday night for drunk driving, but not in a car on a boat! Byfuglien has not yet been charged, as he was just brought in under suspicion, the sheriffs office has 36 hours to prove he actually was drunk! It was also reported that the former Stanley Cup champion topped the scales at a whopping 286 pounds, 40 pounds over his regular playing weight. It would appear someone took the news of having to play in Winnipeg a little hard, gaining a good 40 pounds!

The Death of Wade Belak, from my last blog, is believed to be a suicide, Belak hung himself.

Alexander Ovechkin has some explaining to do, after a video surfaced of him having a "gut" aka he put on the pounds. Now the video is from July and it is the Russian superstars off season, so maybe hockey fans should cut him some slack. Of course Ovechkin denies the rumors stating; Don't worry, I'm going to be in good shape and I'll be ready for the year because this is a very important year for the Caps and for me, too." "When you're sitting, slouching, your gut would still stick out," he continued. "I don't even understand myself how this was filmed this way. My hands were swollen as if I was after a weeklong hangover. My gut, my face..." Ovechkin blames the distorted picture of the video, and claims to have received many angry phone calls. Now regularly Ovechkin is listed as 6'2 and 223 pounds. I don't have any doubt to believe Ovechkin will be back in shape and ready for the season, this is a very important do or die season for Ovechkin and the Capitals.

Next is a strange report out of Vancouver. Daniel Sedin a Swedish superstar along with his brother Henrick Sedin. Daniel reported having many sleepless nights after losing the Stanley Cup in 7 games to the Boston bruins. For a couple of weeks afterwards you think about it every day," Sedin said Wednesday after skating with several other players at a local arena. "You try to think what went wrong. Sedin said it was tough for him to even get out of bed following the crushing defeat, in which him and his brother just didn't produce enough. "The days after it was tough to get out of bed," he said. "It's a weird feeling. The Sedins are complaining about the shorter time to train after the post season. You see the Sedin's are used to being finished hockey by may, this year they went further! Rememebr 2 girls no cup!

The Toronto faithful will finally get the chance to see a Winter Classic hockey game! Unfortunately it does not involve the Toronto Maple Leafs, instead it will be the Toronto Marlies. It will be held at Ivor Wynne Stadium and will have the Hamilton Bulldogs up against the Toronto Marlies on January 21!

Thats all for me today! see you guys next week!

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