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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Russian Tragedy

Welcome to another edition of The Puck Stops Here! In Canada there was a severe storm last week which in turn fried my laptop -__-! So while my laptop is being fixed, I have found a back-up. Today's blog will be focusing on the tragic plane crash out of Russia and Sidney Crosby's "Big Announcement". We will also have little snips on some of the "smaller" stories. Shall we begin?

We will start things off with a story that was reported earlier this morning; A jet plane carrying one of the top elite teams from Russia this morning crashed shortly after take off, killing 43 people and leaving 2 in critical condition. The Jet crashed into the banks of a river 240 KM from Moscow, It was sunny day. The team Lokomotiv  Yaroslav playing out of the KHL league was flying to Belarus for the opening game of their season. There was a reported 45 people on board. Canadian coach Brad McCrimmon was among the deaths, he took over head coaching duties in May after being an assistant with the Red Wings, another familiar name was Pavol Demitra the former St/ Louis Blues player was among the 43 killed. The Lone survivor of the Lokomotiv Yaroslav was Alexander Galimov; He and one crew member made it alive but are critical condition. The team was a powerhouse in the KHL coming in third place last season. The YAK-42 plane was 18 years old and was owned by a small Moscow Yak company. This is a very sad day for sure, a country has lost one of its key hockey, but more importantly 43 young men. The cause of the accident is unknown, but forces us to take a step back and remember there is more to life than just hockey. 43 families have lost loved ones today, their lives will be forever changed. My thoughts and prayers go out to those 43 families and the 2 people in critical condition. RIP Lokomotiv Yaroslav!

On to some good news for Penguins fans and frankly all of the NHL, Crosby addressed the media today for the first time since his concussion back in January. In the interview Crosby stated that he would be back playing in the NHL sometime this season, but that he would NOT  be ready for training camp.
“Retirement? No. I think I’ve always thought about the consequence of this injury … that being said, I never thought about that,” he said. So far Crosby is cleared to practice but not for any form of contact and there is no time table for him being aloud to take part in contact drills. Crosby's setback came when he was back up to 90% workout routines When he got to 80-90 per cent, the symptoms started coming back, so we backed off. Here is how stupid the media is; the media asked if Crosby should remain captain of the Penguins! There is no way the Penguins have even thought f replacing him. They may use a fill in Captain, but not for the long run! What player in that locker room has Crosby lke characteristics...... no one! “From the team standpoint, there's no replacing Sidney Crosby,” Shero said.
Soo the good news is Crosby will be back playing in the NHL sometime later this season!

The new Winnipeg Jets have unvailed their new Jerseys and they leave something to be disired. The jerseys features the new logo circularly in the centre and features two colours of blue. The dark blue is suppoessed to represent the new colur of the army airplanes. The jerseys frankly look like retro jerseys not your everyday home and aways pair seen in the NHL. I would have liked to see mre creativity and maybe a team name somewhere on the jersey.

A scary story out of Philedaphia, as Flyers GM Paul Holmgren crashed his motorcycle. Good news is there is nothing seriously wrong, with the hospilitalized GM. He has some broken ribs and a broken shoulder as well as stiches on his arms and legs, but is expected to make a full recovery. Holmgren released this statement folowing the injury; "sore, but otherwise in good spirits".

Lastly we'll wrap up with a small story around the ever popular Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin is always under the scrutiny of the media, and has been in several artcles this summer, wheather he be out of shape, not a good teammate or hurt, there is always a story. But this week Ovechkin has stepped up to the plate and said he himself wil be a better leader for the Washington Capitals." I think right now I'm in better shape than I was last year — and year before,"Ovechkin stated, coing off his worst "statistical season with only 32 goals and 85 points. Capitals owner isnt to worried about his super star; "He tried something different last year. He wanted to work his way into shape so that he was peaking during the playoffs," Leonsis said. "He's trying something different this year. The results will speak for themselves at the end of the season, but he looks great. And he's in great spirits, and when your captain and best player, highest-paid player, is confident and in shape, I think that sets the tone." Ovechkin plans on bringing a more serious mind set to the team this season, last season he said he didnt know how to handle all the pressure ue to never being captian before. "I think, of course, last year and year before it was something new for me, being the captain," Ovechkin said. "Last year was a good year for me to learn what I have to do. ... Right now I think everybody knows what we have to do, and I have to show, and I have to say, 'C'mon guys, we have to do this and that.' I have to show them. And, you know, I'm the one, the leader of the team. And outside the rink I'm the same person. But inside the rink, we are different." Ovechkin is doing a new "secret" work out regime this off season and has arrived early to trainning camp which doesnt officially start till the 16th. Ovechkin was in town to announce a new endoursement deal with Bauer which he hopes will result in less broken sicks.
I think this is good news for Capitals fans, having a more serious and determined Ovechkin will be good, he'll be more willing to call players out and finally earn the respect he deserves. But ovechkin can't do it all by himself, sure 32 goals isn't up to the Ovechkin standard, but by the NHL standard its pretty darn good! Ovechkin's plan of working up to top shape for playoffs may have backfired, but this new plan better work or there will be big shake ups in the Washington!

That will do it for me, stay tuned for more of my blogs and check out my twitter, there is a link there on the side!
thanks for reading, have a great week!

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